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The clear alternative to metal braces

Achieve a more confident smile without noticeable metal brackets or wires. We blend decades of expertise with advanced LightForce technology to provide fully custom 3D-printed ceramic clear braces. Our unique approach is focused on quality and convenience:

  • NFaster Results (Fewer Visits)
  • NModern, Personalized Care
  • NExpertise in Treating Complex Cases
  • NAffordable Options

We’re passionate about making your orthodontic journey to a Great Smile faster and easier (and less noticeable) than you might expect.

Every smile tells a story

Actual patients of Dr. Tarek El-Bialy

This is an example of an open bite (front teeth do not touch), with a narrow palate (upper arch is narrow which leads to less room for the teeth to erupt properly), and cross bite (upper teeth are positioned behind the lower teeth). Growing up, this patient could not breath well through their nose, and developed a mouth breathing habit. This contributed to and was exacerbated by the under-development of the palatal vault (narrow palate). Thankfully, with modern orthodontic techniques, Dr. Tarek painlessly and gradually expanded the patient’s palate and straightened all of the patient’s teeth into ideeal alignment. Now, the patient looks and feels great!

This younger adult patient had a misshapen upper arch, which was narrow and lead to dental crowding. Dr. Tarek was able to use modern orthodontic techniques to correct the palatal form and straighten/align all the teeth beautifully.

This 60 year old patient thought she would be too old for orthodontic treatment. This is a challenging case, due to the ‘V-shaped’ palate, crowded teeth, and denser bone. However, Dr. Tarek had her teeth aligned beautifully with Invisalign, and smiling like she had never been able to before. It’s never too late!

We’re all about convenience and confidence, without the cost

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Advanced technology for accelerated results

Dr. Tarek is the St. Albert clear braces expert, with over 40 years of specialized training and a reputation for compassionate care. As a published researcher, his work has led to new, clinically proven treatment methods and devices to safely and significantly accelerate orthodontic tooth movements. By combining low-intensity pulsed ultrasound with LightForce technology, Dr. Tarek may be able to deliver faster, safer, and more effective results.

You’ll love your new smile, and you’ll love coming to our office

From your free consultation to every visit after, we make your clear braces journey to a Great Smile stress-free and enjoyable.

  • NEvening & weekend appointments
  • NConveniently located with free parking
  • NImmaculate, modern facility with a compassionate team
  • NTechnology to allow for fewer appointments & faster results

Learn more about our approach to clear braces

What are LightForce clear braces, and how do they work?

LightForce clear braces are a modern orthodontic solution that uses 3D-printed, custom-made brackets. Each bracket is designed to conform precisely to the individual shape of each tooth, which can ensure a more accurate and effective treatment.

What’s the advantage of clear braces over traditional metal braces?

Patients may prefer clear braces over traditional braces due to their clear, less visible appearance. Our approach and technology help ensure a custom fit, created specifically for each patient’s dental anatomy, often results in a more comfortable experience and potentially faster treatment time.

Who is a candidate for clear braces?

Clear braces are often suitable for both teens and adults. However, because they are less noticeable than metal braces, they tend to be a more popular choice among our adult patients.

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