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Healthy, aligned teeth for your child — without braces or surgery

Led by renowned orthodontist Dr. Tarek El-Bialy, we understand the unique needs of teenage dental care. Our approach goes beyond cosmetic enhancement, focusing on the crucial long-term health and development benefits of proper teeth alignment.

We invite your family to visit us for a free consultation to learn about our approach to Invisalign Teen treatment:

  • NFaster Results (Fewer Visits)
  • NModern, Personalized Care
  • NExpertise in Treating Complex Cases
  • NAffordable Pricing & Financing

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Transfer to Invisalign with St. Albert Braces Orthodontics

1. Book a free consultation at our practice.

2. Bring your teen’s current SmileDirectClub aligners and treatment plan to the appointment.

3. Easily keep your teen’s orthodontic journey on track with 0% interest payment plans, starting at just $250/month.

Your child deserves better, and we’ll ensure they get it. When you transfer care to us, you’ll have the full support of a local team committed to supporting your family every step of the way. Questions? Call: (587) 402-8160 or text: (604) 239-1443.

Confidence & Health

Invisalign Teen can help improve your teen’s smile aesthetically and also contribute to better oral health. Properly aligned teeth may reduce the risk of decay, gum disease, TMJ issues, and more.

Seamless Lifestyle

Invisalign Teen aligners are virtually invisible, comfortable, and easily removable. They’re perfect for everyday life, from school to social events, without the visibility of traditional braces.

Accelerated Treatment

We offer clinically proven treatment methods and low-intensity pulsed ultrasound technology which can help accelerate orthodontic tooth movement reliably.

Alternative to Metal Braces

Dr. Tarek has 40 years of specialized training and experience. He takes on difficult cases with Invisalign, many of which would otherwise require traditional metal braces or even surgery.

Every smile tells a story

Actual patients of Dr. Tarek El-Bialy

This is an example of an open bite (front teeth do not touch), with a narrow palate (upper arch is narrow which leads to less room for the teeth to erupt properly), and cross bite (upper teeth are positioned behind the lower teeth). Growing up, this patient could not breath well through their nose, and developed a mouth breathing habit. This contributed to and was exacerbated by the under-development of the palatal vault (narrow palate). Thankfully, with modern orthodontic techniques, Dr. Tarek painlessly and gradually expanded the patient’s palate and straightened all of the patient’s teeth into ideeal alignment. Now, the patient looks and feels great!

This younger adult patient had a misshapen upper arch, which was narrow and lead to dental crowding. Dr. Tarek was able to use modern orthodontic techniques to correct the palatal form and straighten/align all the teeth beautifully.

This 60 year old patient thought she would be too old for orthodontic treatment. This is a challenging case, due to the ‘V-shaped’ palate, crowded teeth, and denser bone. However, Dr. Tarek had her teeth aligned beautifully with Invisalign, and smiling like she had never been able to before. It’s never too late!

We’re all about convenience and confidence, without the cost

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0% Interest Payment Plans

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An experience designed for your family

From your free consultation to every visit after, we make your teen’s Invisalign journey convenient, stress-free, and enjoyable.

  • NEvening & weekend appointments
  • NConveniently located with free parking
  • NImmaculate, modern facility with a compassionate team
  • NTechnology to allow for fewer appointments & faster results

Learn more about Invisalign Teen

What’s the difference between Invisalign and Invisalign Teen?

The biggest difference is that Invisalign Teen aligners have a “progress meter” built right into them. There’s a tiny indicator that turns from blue to clear to white depending on how much the aligners have been worn. We’ll never make your teen feel bad about their meter results. Assessing this meter during your teen’s visit ensures that their teeth straightening treatment is as successful as possible.

Can Invisalign treat complex cases?

Just like braces, Invisalign aligners are just tools. Treatment outcome depends on the skill set of the provider chosen for treatment. Dr. Tarek El-Bialy has been a practicing orthodontist for almost 40 years. He is an expert in treating difficult cases with Invisalign Teen, many without the need for surgery or metal braces.

How long will my teen’s Invisalign treatment last?

Every patient case is unique. However, we proudly offer a faster, more convenient approach. Dr. Tarek uses the advanced Aevo System, which uses low-intensity pulsed ultrasound to accelerate tooth movement and increase treatment efficiency safely.

What if my teen loses a set of aligners?

Invisalign Teen can be removed for eating, drinking, brushing, and flossing without compromising results. However, it’s not uncommon for teens to lose a set of aligners. Compared to Invisalign for adults, Invisalign Teen includes backup sets of aligners that are ready for action if a pair is lost or damaged.

At what age should my child see an orthodontist about Invisalign Teen?

Consistent with the guidelines of the Canadian Association of Orthodontists, we recommend that children have their first orthodontic exam at age seven. At this point, adult teeth have begun appearing and we can ensure proper spacing and alignment to allow for a healthier smile in growing children.

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